Thursday, October 6, 2011

My baby is smarter than me, it seems

There are times when it just forcefully hits me that Heavenly Father sent me this particular baby for a reason. Sometimes I look at my friends who have babies about the same age (it's been a freakin' baby boom among my peers lately!) and think "Why didn't *they* get 'blessed' with a high-need baby?" Well maybe they don't have as much to learn about patience and humility as I do, haha.
I think (think) I may have figured out a way to get Henri to sleep earlier at night. The magic formula the past couple of nights has seemed to revolve around me rocking Henri to sleep to the tune of some primary songs, then putting him to bed and going to bed at the same time. I think he's got a little separation anxiety going on and it scares him when he wakes up in a room alone. Then he's too distraught to go back to sleep, even when he's been soothed. Gotta say, I appreciate *having* to go to sleep. If he didn't have this, shall we say, quirk, I would be all too tempted to stay up and "get some things done." But Henri, bless his little heart, seems to know that Mommy needs sleep, too! Thank you Henri, let's make the next accomplishment napping during the day. THEN Mommy can *actually* get some things done.

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